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Cleaning your new home before moving day

About Roworth Cleaning Specialists

Moving home can be a stressful time for all involved whether you’re a four-person family or a young couple which is why you will want as many hints and tips to ensure it runs seamlessly in both the build up and on the big day.

Whenever it comes to moving the first thing you will do after packing is to assess the mess you are surrounded with and begin to take notes of the areas that will need to be cleaned. It is very rare that many of us will move ten minutes down the road, so unfortunately having the opportunity to look through how clean your new home will be before your removals van arrives is highly unlikely which often means cleaning around things, which can take that little bit more patience.

However with Roworth Cleaning, our professional domestic cleaners can be booked in advance for those large one-off cleaning tasks as soon as you get the keys so you can plan your cleaning once you have access. This means that you won’t have to worry about moving into a mess and can focus less on the chores and more on the excitement that moving day brings.

There are many areas to consider when it comes to cleaning and we hope with our handy guide you will realise just how much pressure is alleviated by hiring professional cleaners like Roworth.

The kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that you really want to be clean, mainly because you cook in it and because when you move into a new home the previous owners will have cooked and prepared in the kitchen also.

Most of us hate a dirty kitchen and most of us hate cleaning a kitchen as it is likely we will find a variety of surprises awaiting us and how much worse will it be when it is someone else’s mess?

The Bathroom

From the bath through to the taps on the sink you will want to ensure that from your first use in your new home that you come out of your bathroom feeling cleaner than you went in. Often when we move into a new home thoughts of the previous owners come to mind which is why you will want all signs of them scrubbed away to ensure that you can put your mark on your new bathroom suite.


These tend to be an afterthought but upon moving having the walls of your new home cleaned can often make a difference to space and brightness. Unless your previous owners painted the interiors before they left the likelihood is that they will need to be cleaned, this can be quite a large and tedious job considering how many walls there are in a house but we can work to remove fingerprints, dust around light switches and sticky areas which may have had things attached. The idea is that any stubborn stains we will work hard to eliminate along with creepy cobwebs, dust in hard to reach areas and potential mould build ups.


Carpet, tiles and laminate flooring – all areas that we can clean. We offer steam cleaning on carpets prior to your moving or a thorough vacuum depending on your preferences. This can work particularly well if your previous owners had pets as cat or dog hair will have likely built up over time. This will help protect against possible fleas – helpful if you have family pets of your own.

For wood floors, faux wood and laminate flooring we can use everything from mild soaps and detergents through to steam mops to ensure that they look as good as new upon your arrival – just make sure you take your shoes off when you arrive!

The most important thing to consider when cleaning your new home is that this is the opportunity to clean the parts that you more than likely won’t consider cleaning for a long time, these include:

At Roworth cleaning we can make your moving day less stressful with our professional cleaning services in Nottingham. We currently have clients all over Nottingham and employ fully vetted, insured and experienced staff to ensure that your home is sparkling once you arrive.

Whether you want a one-off clean or a weekly service we can fit your requirements.

Contact us today for a quotation.